Great kids

Great kids

Principal: Yasmin Bohórquez Celis
Greeting from the Preschool Director
Why come to the great kids

Greeting from the Preschool Director

Welcome to Great Kids. I am Yasmin Bohorquez, coordinator of a wonderful team that accompanies you during your time at the preschool.
I am part of the family of the GI School and this has allowed me to grow in the school as a mother and professional always doing part of the accreditation processes in permanent search for continuous improvement.
The main objective of the coordination is to accompany the day to day of each one of the children seeking to fulfill our goal of “forming successful and integral leaders who communicate in an intelligent way with the universe”.
This fundamental logo is achieved with the supervision and constant support of the work of our teachers, permanent training and the implementation of methodologies that motivate learning.

Why come to the great kids

  • It offers more experiences to children so that many more connections take place at the brain level.
  • They explore concepts for a longer time to implement their new skills.
  • Children are active learners (they particpate doing, creating).
  • The focus is on developing age-appropriate skills in the areas of language, social, motor and art skills
  • We promote values and social responsibility in our children


  • Group activities: Skating, reading stories, art, physical education, hiking the ecological path, among others
  • Individual activities: Rotation by centers of interest (mathematics, language, art, construction, sand and water, discovery centers and project development)
  • Motor and language stimulation
  • Lunch and lonchera
  • Nutritional counseling and culinary activities
  • Artistic training: Music program with personalized orientation
  • Specialized reading room
  • Personal education:
    • Párvulos: 16 children maximum per room
    • Kinder 3: 20 children maximum per room
    • Starting in kinder 4: 25 average students per classroom
  • Permanent training for parents